Why It’s Hard to Get Things Done

(The inimitable Garth Williams — magical illustrations!)

It’s been a bouncy morning on Twitter. Lots of amusing conversations happening (building restoration, old movies, books — always books). Now I’m brushing my teeth and I hear myself saying, “Where’s Pa going with that ax?” It’s the opening line of Charlotte’s Web — one of my favourite books.

What a silly thing to think, I muse (though I know why, I was quoting it to a friend over the weekend). And naturally: oh, I should tweet that, show off how adorably cute I am. But it needs a frame. I know, I’ll say, “Is this what comes of eating bacon for breakfast?”

And then my brain squeals, “Wilbur!” Only in the voice of Mr Ed.

These nonstop riffs are a hallmark of my ongoing internal dialogue, and now I’m laughing so hard that I have to take a minute. Thank goodness I find me so entertaining, given the amount of time I spend alone.

Go on, crack yourself up. You’ll feel better.

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